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Krash Talks about Bandit

Hi All, Kate has put a lot of work into this year book and its my pleasure to give her a hand in introducing one of our own STC SysOps. Most of you recognize him best by his away sign. I mean not all of us have our own personal key to the men's rooms at the local Texaco Station. Our very own "Bandit", Gary is one of the original SysOps second in tenure only to Syl I believe. He is the Host of our weekly TNG Theme chat on Wednesday night. Gary is a lot like me in that he is usually pretty quite until necessary but he wields that Gavel with a steady hand. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable amongst us hosts in the art of IRC and has helped each of us at one time or another with our chat clients. If memory serves me right Gary hails from the sunshine state Florida. He has a background in law enforcement so I guess that authority figure is just in his blood. As far as hobbies, he is very involved in little league sports. Anyway, get to know him if you haven't already. Its your loss if you don't. Thanks!!!!

STCSysOpBrent (Krash)

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