Welcome to the lounge Lizard Yearbook! The yearbook is a tradition that SysOp Lwaxana started a few years ago and has graciously (or is that gratefully) allowed us to carry on. We hope that we are able to do her justice with our version. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all just a little bit better! We also hope that everyone visiting enjoys it as much as we did putting it together.

There are several parts to the year book:

  • Meet the Lizards! This is where all the pictures of Lizards that have been received can be found.
  • The Lizard Soup cook book, Here you can see what culinary treat your fellow lizards submitted.
  • The Lizard's Link Page where you can get connected to home pages of your chat friends.
  • The Survey Results, where all the tallies of the surveys you filled out appear
  • A few of us are now chatting in #Federation on EFNet.
    So far these people have shown up that I can remember:
    OMT (founded the channel), Slick (AKA kon-el, noone, etc.), Laemus (AKA Meh), Telusman, Taev, Intrepid, Annorax, Trelane (AKA HannibalL), Angel (AKA Angelicio), jenndot, and many more.

Sit back and enjoy! Follow the pages in order or skip around to what you want, This is your yearbook. When you are done, be sure to sign the Guestbook.

In order to be added to the yearbook, please send and email with your information and a picture of yourself to the Lizard Yearbook email account.

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