Krash aka Y2Krash

(Co-Host ShellieT)

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Mr Homn talks about Krash:

Brent, aka Krash is the "quiet" host in the Star Trek chat rooms, and probably the most wise. He knows when to listen, when to act, and most important, when to ignore the happenings in the chat rooms. Krash is a man that cares for his family and his relationship with God, and he uses those traits to guide him in the chat rooms and with the chatters. Krash co-hosts the Monday night Book Chats with Shellie, and together they make Star Trek Books more enjoyable to people like me who hate to read. <S> You can tell Brent enjoys reading the way he handles a chat, and he has a great knack for getting people involved in the chats. Brent spends quite a bit of time in the chats, and his family has given him much support in his duties as a SysOp. He has a very good knowledge of chat programs, and is more than willing to help anyone who has a question. He is one of the people that have come into my life through the Internet in general, and Star Trek in specific, and I count it an honor to call him my friend! To those who have had a chance to get to know Krash, I am sure they would heartily agree with me!

Ben Frier,


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