Meet the 1999 Lounge Lizards

Anyone that has ever visited a chat room knows there is something special about the rooms on the Paramount Digital Entertainment server. This is a place where anyone of any age can come meet fellow Star Trek fans and have a friendly chat about anything in the universe ( and on occasion you can even catch some "trek talk"). These chats are governed by an outstanding staff to ensure the chat stays clean and friendly in the spirit of Gene Rodenberry's vision of future earth. The rules are easy. Put simply, they are be kind and respect one another. The regular chatters have developed a "Family Oriented" atmosphere that keeps us coming back.

Many close relationships have been developed. We come here to share each others good times and lend support in not so good times. We have celebrated everything from births, to marriages, and we have offered comfort during each other's lows. This is what makes our chat truly special.

Over time our family has had change with the welcome of new members and the departure of others. As of late, there have been some struggles as some minor things have changed, upsetting the comfortable surroundings of our rooms. If I may, I wish to take this opportunity to remind my online family that these things are indeed minor and that we should remember that what makes the rooms special has nothing at all to do with these changes and that we must not let them take away from that. We have to remember to continue doing the things that make our chat one of the best on the internet. When a new member comes in make them feel welcome. If they need a hand lend it to them. but most important of all, be good to each other.

........OK! Now that I have gotten that off my chest,....

Here are your 1999 Lounge Lizards!!!!!


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