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 Bandit talks about Syl

I found the TrekChat on MSN when it was first announced ( back in 96 ) as a NEW Site to visit. Being a Trek fan I dropped in immediately and was disappointed to find myself all alone ! I continued to check back on a regular basis and was pleased to find a growing Trek community.

One of the first chatters that I met there was a rather friendly person who was about my age <sic> and who had a love for StarTrek that rivaled my own. I knew she was close to my age because she saw TOS in it's first run on TV <G> and I knew there were few of us OLD enough to have been around for that !

All kidding aside, Syl was one of the first chatters that I met on the site, I found her to be very knowledgeable about StarTrek , and friendly to boot ! We had numerous discussions about StarTrek, friends , family, and pretty much any other subject that came up. She was always willing to lend an ear to a chatter who had possibly had a bad day and just needed to get it off of their chest.

I almost always saw Syl in chat but talked to her less and less as time went by and wondered why!!! The answer wasn't long in coming. She had began a long distance relationship with another chatter and for the life of me I can't remember the first name he used in chat, but after he had helped a few chatters with some of their computer problems he changed his name to Scotty. It wasn't long before all his help on Syl's computer led to his having to change his name again to Crash!!

Before long the relationship between Syl and Crash had grown to the point of an on line wedding! Sadly for me I was unable to attend the wedding the day they were married in our OLD BELOVED Trek Chat. Though the Trek Chat is long gone , I will always treasure the memories we all made there. One of those best memories will always be that Syl found her soul mate in Mr.Ben ( yep he had to change his name again). I wish Syl (Lwaxana)and her new servant Mr.Homn all the best that life has to bring, they both deserve it !!! ;o)



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