ShellieT Talks about MrHomn:

Ten years ago a net was something you caught butterflies with or strung between two poles to play sports. At least that is what I thought at the know-it-all age of fourteen. Then two years ago I was able to buy my first real extravagance, a computer. This was more
money than I had ever spent and I was a bit worried that I shouldn't have spent it. I looked around at different Internet Service Providers and decided on MSN for the simple fact their software was pre-installed and you got a free month. I didn't really know where to start, so I did a search on MSN for Star Trek, just one of my many interests at the time but as good a place to begin as any. The very first thing on the list was a website called The Star Trek Continuum. So I clicked on that link and the rest is history. But if I stopped there this would be a rather short introduction as I haven't even mentioned Ben yet.I was looking around the site when I noticed there was a chat room and decided, what the heck, they can't see me and maybe I can make a few friends. Boy did I underestimate that one... I entered and the first person that greeted me was a Lwaxana. But the funny thing is no one was saying that when they talked to her, they kept calling her Syl for some reason. Of course I soon realized that was her name, but at first it was rather confusing. I had never felt so welcome as when I first clicked on that link so I decided to stick around a bit. After a bit I noticed a MrBen that was talking to this Lwaxana just a bit familiarly for being just another chatter. That's when I found out they were not only a couple in chat, they were married in real life.I talked to Syl mostly, I had a not irrational fear of men at that time. But time went by and I got to know Ben and their story a bit more as well. I am not really sure when he stopped being MrBen and started being my very first cyber Dad. It seemed to happen between one minute and the next. First he was this man that Syl knew and just happened to be married to and then all of a sudden he was asking about how my impending wedding plans were going and how the pregnancy was progressing.and even though this was a man, the questions did not make me uncomfortable, I felt like I was talking to a Dad that just happened to live a couple thousand miles away. I was glad to tell him about my sonogram and he even wanted to see the pictures I had scanned from it. I was not only talking about these personal things to Syl, but when she wasn't around, "Dad" and I had our own chats as well. And surprise, surprise, I was just as happy talking to Ben about it as I was Syl.Gary (Bandit), David (BaT`aL), and Brent (Krash) helped with this little trust issue in time as well. I found out that not only was the net not such a scary place, but I could find people just like me who really cared about those words on a screen that hid people. But Ben was the first to show me that not only could the male of the species be trusted, but once in a lifetime you find one or if you are really lucky a handful that invite you into their family so subtly that you don't notice the new chair at the dinner table till you are sitting at it as if you belong there. I have been very lucky, I have been able to sit down at Ben and Syl's actual dinner table a few times and you know what? I felt like I was with family in real life too. Many things have changed since all this began, now each of the hosts has a theme chat. Ben gives us a glimpse into life being lost in the Delta Quadrant every Friday with an 8 pm Eastern theme chat. I think its pretty apropos since he is the one that convinced me to give
Voyager another try. Thanks Ben, the "net" wouldn't be the same without you.



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