Boiled Burgers

First get a large/tall skillet.
Fill it about half way with COLD water. (When the Burgers are in the skillet, the water should just cover the patties.)

Take your hamburger meat (it could be beef, deer, moose, etc.) and put it in a bowl along with whatever seasonings you like. When I make Boiled Burgers, I add onion flakes, seasoning salt, chives, Accent, thyme, oregano, savory marjoram, basil, rosemary, sage, and Parmesan cheese. I also like to mix in Worcester sauce and A-1 sauce. You can flavor them in a multitude of ways, or cook them plain, the choice is yours.

Press the hamburgers into firm patties, you can freeze them if you want for later use. It is very important that they are packed hard because if not they will fall apart while cooking. The size you make them is very close to the size they will be when they are done because the water allows them to keep their size.

Put the skillet and water on the stove and turn the setting on high. Don't worry about over cooking them as the water will not let the burgers burn. Add the patties single height to the water before it gets too hot, for safety reasons. If you want, I do this, you can add more spices to the water.

You can now go finish watching your favorite TV program, chat on-line, or even go to the bathroom. As long as water is in the skillet and the burgers are covered with the water they will not burn. I like to flip mine while cooking, but it is not required, it just seems to cook them faster. If you do flip them there is a "trick" you need to learn and follow at ALL times. When flipping the burgers, flip them on top of the burger next to the one you are flipping, then slide it back into the water. If you don't do this, the flipped burger will splash in the water and cause a huge mess and could possibly even injure the cook. Please be careful when flipping the burgers as I would not want anyone to be hurt while cooking.

When the burgers are done, and I think you will be amazed just how fast they cook, drain the water out of the pan. If you do not have a garbage disposal, remember to put the stainer in the sink! If you don't use the strainer, Syl just might come to your house to yell at you, and she does yell if someone, not me, forgets the strainer. It is amazing just how much "crap" cooks out of the burgers that you eat when they are just fried or grilled. If you are making Cheese Burgers, it is very important to drain the water from the pan, as if you think the "crap" cooked from the burgers looks bad, it is nothing compared to melted cheese in "crap" water.

All that is left is to enjoy the juiciest, thickest, most filling burger you have ever ate!

Always were safety glasses when operating machinery!
Minors should be supervised by a competent adult!
Practice safe cooking and eating, use condiments that you are comfortable with!