WINNER OF THE RAISED EYEBROW AWARD!!!! (yes anotherone folks...and probably not the last! lol)

Bandit's Possum Delight

( Georgia RoadKill )

  • Spit cook a Possum over oak logs
  • The addition of bourbon soaked wood chips adds a distinctive yet subtle flavor to this southern delicacy
  • After slow roasting till done, the possum is stuffed with corn bread
  • Serve on a bed of sassafras leaves garnished with pecans, this adds a festive flavor for a GREAT holiday piece de resistance
  • The meal should be served on a red and white checker board table cloth
  • This dinner meal is best when served with Jack Daniels ( black label ) and branch water
  • For dinner guests born north of the Mason-Dixon Line, the bourbon should be served well before the main course