Waza's Lemon Surprise



2 ounces butter or margarine
4 ounces castor sugar
1 lemon, juice and grated rind
2 eggs, separated
pint water
2 ounces self-raising flour


Cream the butter and sugar together until they are soft, white and creamy. Add the lemon rind and egg yolks. Stir in the flour, lemon juice and water. Whisk the egg whites to a firm white snow. Carefully fold the egg whites into the lemon mixture. Pour into a greased pudding or pie dish. Stand the dish in a baking tin of water. (The water should come to about half way up the sides of the dish.) Bake near the bottom of a moderate oven, 350F or Gas Mark 4, for about 45 minutes.

During the cooking the pudding will separate into 2 layers—a light spongy layer at the top with a rich lemon sauce below.