1 egg Mayonnaise

2 pieces of Bread

A handful Mushrooms

Alfalfa Sprouts
1 tblspoon of Margarine (can use butter)

Cheese-any will do; Preference would be mozzarella Spices are optional but these are recommended:

1/2 teaspoon Garlic Salt or Powder will do
1/2 teaspoon of Onion salt or Powder will do
Dash of Pepper (highly optional)
A hungry stomach
A butter knife
A sharp knife
A skillet
A spatula
A plate
A napkin
A good attitude
A first aid kit
Number to the nearest poison centre
Ok ok. First is first. Thinly slice up at least 5 pieces of your cheese for later. Slice up your mushrooms as you will be learning how to/ if not already knowing how to saute up mushrooms. Take your skillet with at least a good dab (over a tbsp) of margarine into the skillet. Turn the stove on to HIGH. With the butter melting; throw in the mushrooms. Ok, saute them up. Meaning to keep alot of butter at all times in the pan, and on high heat, basically rotating the mushrooms around with your spatula. Toss in your pepper, garlic salt or powder and your onion salt or powder. About 3-5 mins you should be getting some golden brown styled slightly soft mushrooms. When you have done this. Turn heat down to MEDIUM HIGH and after cracking the egg... Throw it in. YES with the mushrooms. Keep the mushrooms moving and basically throw in 2-3 slices of the cheese. Use your spatual to to mix everything up for a max of 3 mins or till really you know the egg is done. DRAIN whatever is left of the margarine. Take two pieces of bread (any style) and spread mayonnaise on both pieces. With your now drained colagramation of mushroom/egg/cheese put a good size portion of it on one of the pieces of mayonnaised bread. Throw the reaming cheese on this. Take a nice grab of the Alfalfa sprouts dab that onto the heap. Cover with he other piece of bread. Place this sandwich style onto a plate. Get posion control number out. ENJOY! Thank you that will be $99.95 in American funds. Just kidding. Bon appetite! So I hope you can enjoy that. I love it. And my friends swear it tastes like a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) sandwich. But, without the meat or any of the BLT.

Alrighty then..