Remember Way back in September when I had you fill out the surveys??? Well... here are your results! I had over 80 responses! Thanks to everyone that participated! I hope everyone enjoys these pages as much as i did putting them together!


Where on the are we?





















How did we find chat?


Closing Credits MSN  Surfing

"a friend told me about it"

Search Engine

Home page link

Magazine ad


  19%  15%   13%

9 %  




What do we LIKE about chat?

(replies are listed in order of popularity)

14. Talking in my underwear without getting arrested

13. Playing silly buggers

12. Talking about "Trek"

11. Macros

10. Theme chat

9. Sense of Family

8. Clean chat

7. Intelligent and witty chat

6. Laughing at Lamers

5. Playing .wavs

4. Talking to people with common interests

3. Met the woman/man of my dreams there

2. Meeting people from all over the world

1. The wonderful friendships made here!!!!!

What would we change about chat?

13. Lag

12. Three line flood setting

11. ZT's presence

10. Gossip

9. Add live voice chat

8. Switch back to MSN format

7. 24hr hosting

6. Get rid of hosts

5. Impose age limit

4. Better theme and event times for Europeans

3. Stop bickering

2. Nothing

1. Make room "lamer/hacker proof"



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