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Ba'TaL talks about ShellieT

It was almost 3 years ago that I got serious about getting online, and even what was because of a free benefit that came along with my new computer. The teaching position I had held for the last seven years with a major manufacturing company had been 'organized out', so I took the money I had coming from my somewhat early and forced retirement, and invested in a brand spanking new Packard Bell 200 MHz Pentium MMX computer system - complete with a 33.3 megahertz data/fax/voice modem and a free two-month subscription to Microsoft Network, so I figured - what the heck - it's free. I had been online in the past, so this wasn't entirely new to me. Sorta. I'd gone into chat rooms only to discover that if you weren't one of the 'regulars' you really weren't welcome there. I had that free Juno e-mail thing, which worked out pretty well, because three of my brothers also had it. But this MSN thing was something entirely different! One day, about a week after I logged on for the first time, there was a new message on the MSN 'home page' screen - something called "The Star Trek Continuum." Understand that I have been a Star Trek fan since the FIRST time TOS aired - yup - I'm really that old. But to go to a place on the WORLD WIDE WEB and see and maybe hear stuff about Star Trek - well, this was too good to pass up. I was literally running around the limited continuum page when I accidentally stumbled across a link to something called the "Star Fleet Lounge." Oh goody, I thought - another snobs only chat room. On the other hand - this was Trek, after all, so what the heck. I downloaded the infantile MS Chat from the provided link, created my original Klingon name, and dove in Shields up, phasers set to stun, warp factor Seven. The first thing I saw was a greeting. "We are Ben and Syl..." Syl (Lwaxana) was actually the first chatter to greet me and make me feel welcome there. A strange little creature called Shellie Tribble was the second. I was using the Comic Chat mode. As this first chat went by, and in time after that I became gradually associated with many of the chatters there - many of whom, sadly, no longer come to our chats now that they are open to the entire internet, and not MSN only. One who has been there at least the whole time I have been was this Tribble person. Bubbly, giddy, funny, sweet, and you could actually sometimes see her blush - even when in text mode - this was Shellie Tribble. We literally watched this shy little gal kind a grow up in there. We were there for her first promotion in A Call To Duty. We were there when she received her 'Gavel'. We were there when she proudly announced that Tribble Junior was on the way, and we were there for her wedding. A lot has changed about our chats since those days of seeing how long we could hold a conversation using only wavs to say our piece, and 'wav stomping' each other, but one constant has been Shellie Tribble - we know her now as Shellie_T. Shellie_T hosts the Monday Star Trek Books and Movies Theme Chat with Y2Krash. It is primarily through her influence that I have renewed my reading interest in the old TOS books, a large quantity of which I was given at a high school football game recently.You wanna know TOS book stuff? Talk to Shellie_T. Few people on the planet have her knowledge of TOS books. Did I mention that she, in addition to being tall, was bright, funny, fun to be with, and borderline genius? Oh yeah - she's TJ's mommy, too.I had the opportunity to actually meet Shellie (and TJ) when Kathy (Marleei) and I got married last September, and I must tell you - in the real world she's just like she is online - only taller. All that having been said, it has been my pleasure to introduce you to Hostess Michelle -A.K.A. Shellie Tribble, A.K.A. Shellie_T. Join us, and her, pretty much all the time in the Star Fleet Academy Chat, or game with her online in ACTD.



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